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Jay Mitta

Jay Mitta (TZ)

One of the key producers behind Sisso studios, Jay Mitta ‘s unique singeli productions will be performed on stage with MC Card Reader and MC Memory Card. With an upcoming release on Nyege Nyege Tapes later this year, Jay Mitta will be gracing the European stage throughout 2019.

Mc Yallah (KE/UG)

Mc Yallah (KE/UG)

MC Yallah is a Kenyan rapper based in Uganda and is an affiliate of Nyege Nyege. Last year she released an EP on NNT’s sublabel Hakuna Kulala and is gearing towards releasing an album soon. A veteran of the industry, she became involved in hiphop music back in 1999, spreading a message of integrity and motivation among local youth.

In 2011, MC Yallah was nominated in the same Awards in the category of Best Female Hip-Hop Artiste. Later that year she was nominated for the Olive Gospel Awards in the Best Hip-Hop Artiste category.

MC Card Reader

MC Card Reader (TZ)

One of the few female MC’s in the Singeli underground, she will be performing together with Jay Mitta.

MC Memory Card

MC Memory Card (TZ)

One of the few female MC’s in the Singeli underground, she will be performing together with Jay Mitta.

FYa Leboof (UG)

FYa Leboof (UG)

Fya Leboof, is a Kampala based afro house dj, and also founder of the recent mid week Kalabash Club nights.


Chabela (CI)

Abidjan-based Chabela (real name Isabelle Guipro) is the powerhouse behind the rising electronic music scene in Côte d'Ivoire.

Her mission-resembling passion for mixing African traditional repertoire with House and Deep House has led her to DJ from the main electronic music events in West Africa, to underground festivals in Europe.

33EMYBW (China)

Shanghai native 33EMYBW (Wu Shanmin) has been an active member in the Chinese music scene for over a decade. A core member of Shanghai’s most well known experimental rock/electronic band ‘Duck Fight Goose’, over the years 33 has been a member of numerous bands including 33 Island, Boojii and Muscle Snog. In 2015, 33EMYBW released her first solo single "EMSYGYDL" on SVBKVLT’s ‘Downpour’ compilation and in 2017 released her debut album ‘Medusa’ on Beijing’s D Force Records. As well as regularly playing throughout China, she has performed at CTM Festival and Sinotronics Festival in Germany, China Drifting Festival in Switzerland and SXSW.

Her 2018 album ‘Golem', released on SVBKVLT, was met with critical acclaim and was voted one of the best electronic albums of 2018 by Bandcamp, as well as gaining support and praise from the likes of Kode9, Desto, Akito, 8ulentina and many more.


Armaghedion (ET)

ARMAGHEDION has become a staple of Addis Abeba’s burgeoning electronic music scene with a series of stunning performances at every major venue and event in 2019.With a style encompassing everything from the lighter side of Afro House to the dark depths of Tribal Techno, his versatility and range is only matched by his deep knowledge and appreciation for music and his knack for playing exactly the right tune- at the right time.He views DJing as storytelling, and come May 25th- he’d like to sit down and have a conversation with you...

Authentically Plastic (UG)

‘Authentically Plastic’ is an Artist, DJ & Producer based in Kampala, Uganda. Their genre-bending sets, at once dark and playful, use Gqom, Vogue & Techno as a base for exploring other unknown sounds. Their music is influenced by anything from quasi-electronic Northern Ugandan rhythms, to early acid experiments, and live noise/industrial shows. They got their start playing at secretive queer parties in the city; which eventually led to their first festival gig at ‘Nyege Nyege’. Since then, they have played in several venues around the city for parties like Malkia (Queen) & Boutiq Electroniq, continuously exploring and reinventing their style. Authentically Plastic also curates a bi-monthly club night in Kampala called ANTI-MASS; which prioritises femme, queer & experimental DJ’s/artists. They describe ANTI-MASS as a “nomadic, femme, dance machine”. The party attracts a diverse, dedicated crowd, and aims to be a propulsive space for sonic & cultural experimentation.

Bad sista (BR)

Having provided and nurtured Brazil’s Underground with fresh new riddims, she’s now heading towards the world on a serious dance workout mission blending peripheral grooves from pounding techno beats, jackin’ house bass lines, swinging funk Carioca(aka Baile Funk) to hypermordern soundsystem jams.

Bamao Yendé (FR)

There’s no doubt switched-on night owls are already aware of Bamao Yendé’s work alongside his Boukan Records team: they’ve promoted atmospheres in Paris which were previously marginalized in the capital, between Garage House, Peckham broken beat, Kuduro, Highlife and Batida from the four corners of Africa via Lisbon and ebullient house tuned to the global sound-system. The young producer-curator from Cergy is implicitly driven by one and only intention: to break down the barriers that exist in nightlife by cueing up bangers released on his label and destroying dance floors by playing some of the warmest (black) music produced these last decades. Graduating from the most underground clubs to main festivals in a few months, constantly working on his next EPs, there’s no doubt his mission will be highly successful.

Bamba Pana & Makaveli (TZ)

Bamba Pana and Makaveli represent the bubbling singeli scene of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, where different African inspirations led to a creation of an incredibly fast-paced genre of rap music. Singeli references Zanzibarian tarab, South African house and… gabber, pounding at 180 bpm - or even faster! Their show at Unsound follows the release of an album by Bamba Pana on Nyege Nyege - and is sure to create a sensation

Bill Kouligas (GR)

Bio:- As a DJ, Greek born, Berlin based Kouligas, incorporates all of this and more, creating breakneck, and highly danceable sets that weave a throughline from hardcore rave, breaks, techno and twisted, blistered pop. With an exceptional ear, and comprehensive knowledge of modern electronic music, there’s no-one better to do justice to the very best of today’s fractured but exciting electronic scene.

Bonaventure (CD/CH)

Bonaventure uses music as an identity research tool along with practical and speculative initiatives to connect her African and European roots and investigate human relationships. Her compositions are expressive and intuitive, her palette takes form within complex and often contradictory influences -charged elements that achieve a distinct balance while continually testing boundaries. She is being admitted into the ranks of the more progressive International club nights, such as Janus x NON XCHANGE at Berghain Säule, CREEPY TEEPY Festival in Prague, the 404RCE night in Club ALL, Shanghai, Moogfest held in Durham, NC and H0l0 PTP night in NYC—sharing the bill with artists like Princess Nokia, LSDXOXO, Dinamarca, M.E.S.H., FAKA and Yves Tumor.

Her debut single “Complexion” was released on NON Worldwide in 2016, and features a remix by label co-founder Chino Amobi. That same year, Bonaventure teamed up with artist and writer Hannah Black and textile designer Ebba Fransén Waldhör to create the ever-growing piece “Anxietina” (at first commissioned by DIS magazine and BCR Radio), that have quickly earned the recognition of major art institutions such as ICA & Chisenhale Galery in London, MoMA PS1 in NYC and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In may 2017, Bonaventure released on the New York label PTP her debut EP “FREE LUTANGU”, a project that explore themes of institutional racism and oppression, and toured Europe, China and the United States to defend the work during live performances.

With a background in graphic design, Bonaventure has shifted her attention using both club and institutional spaces as a primary place of artistic research and experimentation. Yet, her formal design training can be seen in both her DJ sets and her productions, which assemble potent and uncompromising elements in close proximity in order to create a new sonic language.

Catu Diosis (UG)

Journalist, fashion designer and core member of the Nyege Nyege crew, Catu Diosis is a force to be reckoned with on the East African club scene.
Her Afro, booty-friendly music and tendency too pick up the tempo and blend the genres are what have made her sauce so unique and sweat inducing.

Catu has played all over East Africa, including Nyege Nyege festival in 2019 and 2018. Her fashion brand Catwings and dj-workshops for young women eager people to join the game.

She also Got into production, joining Hakuna Kulala under the mentorship of Rey Sapienz.

C-Drik (Congo)

Born in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), and currently based in Berlin, C-drík is a musician, activist, curator, DJ and author. He runs Syrphe, a recording label focusing on electronic and noise music from Asia and Africa, and establishing connections between different disciplines and media.
His musical style ranges from electronica, dark ambient to industrial and field records, making evocative and psychedelic sound collages.
Prior to living in Berlin, C-drík was based in Belgium and The Netherlands, while constantly traveling across South America, South East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He has been performing and conducting both academic and journalistic research, an effort he first embarked on in 2005. Between 1991 and 1996, C-drík ran a tape label, Sépulkrales Katakombes, which published music from bands from locations as disparate as The Netherlands, South Africa, and Chile, before establishing Syrphe in 2002. Syrphe hosts several solo and collaborative records by C-drík, and also works with producers and composers across the world.
As a researcher, C-drík’s work in Southeast Asian music led him to co-author NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC with Dimitri della Faille, published in 2016. Considered "[t]he first book aiming to chart the spread of noise music across South East Asia," (The Wire) NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC contains essays and interviews with artists, and an extensive discography of noise and industrial music from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. This led to C-drik writing “Power through networking: Reshaping the underground electronic and experimental music scenes in East and Southeast Asia” for CTM’s New Geographies publication in the same year. The book was awarded the Golden Nica by Prix Arts Electronic in the Digital Musics & Sound Art category in 2017.
C-drík is currently a writer for Norient magazine, and continues to run Syrphe.

Chris Man (Congo)

CHRIS MAN is a 22 year old rapper, DJ, producer and rapper from Democratic Republic of Congo.
He started his hip hop career in 2010 in a band named "Young Souljah Empire", with which he would regularly perform in different venues of Kinshasa.

The young musician quickly developed a passion for performing and moved to Uganda in 2019, Here he joined Hakuna Kulala, he since has been perfecting his DJ skills and will soon be touring around East Africa.

The Cranes

The Cranes (UG)

The Cranes were Uganda’s number one band between 1965 and 1975. Founded by Tony Senkebejje, Sam Kawuma and Clyde Mayanja the Cranes produced thirty 7 inch records and one 33 album called Top Ten hits. In those days they were often guests at Elly Wamala’s Saturday night music show, written about in the newspapers and even had their own weekly radio show. The Top Ten album mixed different styles from rumba to funk. Two songs, ‘whats love’ and ‘joy’ were recently re released on the Finish Afro 7 record label.
When the Top Ten album hit the record stores in Kampala in 1974, bad luck had befallen The Cranes. A month before the recording of the album their bass player Jessy Gitta Kasirivu was killed because of President Idi Amin’s amorous association with his girlfriend. Several band members, scared for their lives, fled to Kenya. The Cranes split up into two bands, the Cranes and Afrego Black Power which was soon renamed Afrigo, with Moses Matovu and Jef Sewava as band leaders.
The five surviving members that recently reformed as the Cranes are all in their late sixties and still dominate the music scene in Uganda with their respective bands Afrigo and Simba Sounds Band. Both bands have recorded more than twenty five albums in their illustrious career.
The story of Jessy Gitta Kasirivu was immortalized in a 2019 music documentary called ‘Bwana Jogoo: the ballad of Jessy Gitta’ by Dutch filmmaker Michiel van Oosterhout. The film showcases many of the Cranes greatest 1970’s songs while the band members recount fond memories of one of their own, Jessy Kasirivu. These are the folks that worked and socialized with Jessy and knew him better than most. Their accounts of the events that led to Jessy’s disappearance are riveting and haunting. It lays bare a hitherto unexplored subject and one deserving of serious interrogation and scholarship - the naked power of authoritarianism and sexual predation.

For some articles on the Cranes and other Ugandan musicians of the 1970’s go to Facebook

To get a taste of the Cranes in 2019 see their latest video ‘what’s love’ go to Youtube

Moses Matovu joined Uganda Police Band in 1968. In 1969 he joined Cranes Band, which became the biggest band in the country. His most well known songs with the Cranes are emiziro, ekadde, wapi Sophia, mundeke, wananchie and others. He plays the saxophone and sings in different languages. In 1976 he formed Afrigo Band which is still up to now the most well known band in Uganda. He is generally considered the father of modern music in Uganda.

Jessy Gitta Kasirivu was self-taught in playing the guitar and singing and joined Cranes in 1969. He composed and sang many songs that became popular. Some of the songs include: gwenonze, kuba kwagala, agnes, okufa, baleke balikowa, amaka kikulu, toduulanga, byetulaba and amaka kyamuwendo. He got killed in 1974 because of his relationship with Sarah Kyolaba, who was also dating President Idi Amin.

Tony Senkebejje is one of the founding members of Cranes Band in 1965. He was the creative mastermind behind their album Top Ten in 1974, with funky song contributions like what’s love and joy. Jukira was another one of his big hits back then. A few months after that release he fled to Kenya with his wife Rachel and played with bands on the Swahili coast for many years. They came back at the end of the 1980’s and at first played with Afrigo Band and then formed their own Simba Sounds Band that is still playing up to today.

Saidi Kasule, a sax player who joined Cranes Band in 1974 an featured on their Top Ten album. Later he joined Afrigo Band, and also played with Waka Waka, Mixed Talents and since 1999 with Percussion Discussion Africa.

Eddy Ganja is a maestro guitar player who joined Cranes band in 1969. In 1974 he played with Nile River Band and then returned to Cranes band to finally end up with Afrigo Band with whom he has played ever since. His big hits with the Cranes Band in 1976 back then were anifa and nzena nkozze.

David Tinning (UK)

David Tinning is a DJ, writer and Director of the Santuri East Africa project. His travels have led him from the UK to Cambodia, Berlin, Tanzania and Kenya, where he founded and runs Santuri East Africa – a project connecting musicians and producers with global DJs and artists working in electronic music.
As a DJ, David hosts the Bush of Ghosts show on Cashmere Radio in Berlin, as well being a part of the On The Corner Soundsystem crew.

cashmereradio.com santurisafari.org

DJ Die Soon (JP)

Spawned from the underground hiphop scene of London, Die Soon casts dystopian freak beats across desolate, bleak landscapes. It's hard, it's disturbed; twisted imagination filtered through a SP-404.
Daisuke Imamura, known as DJ Die Soon, is a Japanese musician, DJ, illustrator and manga artist based in Berlin, Germany.
Obsessed with horror themes, he creates an artistic universe by weaving demon masks, Manga and other elements of Japanese culture into his drawings but also into his music, one inducing the other, either way...
Die Soon’s live concerts, albums, exhibitions and publications are followed by a growing public attracted by the approach his original art.
He recently self-released a tape “Mozzarella -Parallel Memory Pillow” which is his ambient project.

DJ Marcelle (NL)

Surprise, adventure, entertainment and education: Four key words often used for describing Dutch DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess. Using live (and in the studio) three turntables, Marcelle puts different styles of music in a different context. She changes the way we experience those individual styles. She fuses musical styles like no other, making it seem like they always belonged together and making the audience believe they are listening to one track instead of three played simultaneously!



Pö’s a Nyege creature. As such, her only function is to make you dance until you forget your name and see purple glyptodons running around. Her sets weave sounds from Mali, Ghana and Uganda, among others, with current electronics to get you to join her somewhere in her craziness.You’ll need to map the stars to know where you are.

Don Zilla (UG)

Don Zilla Lion is a Ugandan producer and Dj who describes his style of music as 'multi-dimensional' and for which he finds the inspiration in nature.
He was taught music at a very young age and first started performing around 10 years old as a percussionist in a traditional music band.

He then grew up an autodidact and learned to play different acoustic instruments.
He started performing professionally in 2003, playing traditional music and touring villages.

In 2016, he joined Hakuna Kulala and made his first steps as a producer and DJ.

DTM Funk

DTM Funk, from Antwerp, is what we call a curator. He spends his time digging the best rhythms from all over the planet and spreading the good word through unstoppable mixes and wild sets. His thing: mixing the new and the old and, above all, setting the dancefloor on fire with rhythm breaks. (Vice Magazine: "He play so sickly good and wide – from traditional African folk music to footwork")

Mczo & duke

MCZO and Duke represent the vibrant scene of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, where the new genre of singeli is brewing. Taking inspiration from Zanzibarian tarab, South African house and… gabber, this fast-paced genre goes at 180 bpm—or more! Accompanied by rap, it tells the story of the lives of young Tanzanians.


Born and raised in Uganda, Ecko Bazz is a new force in Kampala's art scene. He recently got introduced to the Hakuna Kulala collective in Kampala. After making a few tracks in their studio he rapidly rose to international success as a rapper.
He collaborates as an MC with many fellow Ugandan artists as well as international artist. His first critically acclaimed EP 'Tuli Banyo' got released on Hakuna Kulala in November 2018.
It has since been played by Aphex Twin and BBC radio.
Now working on two upcoming releases you cane expect music in association with Hakuna Kulala and the German label PAN in October and June 2019.

Elvin Brandhi

An improvising lyricist, producer and sound artist from Bridgend, Wales, who builds aberrant beats from field recordings, tape, vinyl, instrument and voice.
Every shred of sound on this tape is stretch or skewed or crushed or pixelated, giving Elvin Brandhi a uniquely identifiable sonic fingerprint. Considering how damn weird this thing is too, it’s downright miraculous how much it still bumps.

Using sound and voice as an expansive language transgressing intrinsic systemics and inherited syntactical etiquettes, her live shows are unyielding bursts of erupting animation where her caustic stream of consciousness cavorts with restless, glitched out heaviness.


Gabber Modus Operandi

Gabber Modus Operandi is an accidental project founded by Kasimyn and Ican Harem. Born out of a shared obsession for jathilan, gabber, dangdut koplo, Chicago footwork, grindcore and noise music, Gabber Modus Operandi distill an extensive range of influences into high-octane productions.
The duo formed as Kasimyn began producing tracks that Ican Harem provided vocals and humorous, improvised musings over. These ventures can be heard on recent release Puxxximaxxx, which came out in October 2018 via Yes No Wave Music. Puxxximaxxx makes use of rapidfire tempos; stuttering, angular percussion; and high-octane vocal delivery.
Their love for energetic, intense sounds forms the foundation of their hyper-active, unprecedented output. Using samples of traditional Indonesian music (especially of the Balinese gamelan), and borrowing from the pentatonic scale, Gabber Modus Operandi attempt to bridge the gaps between humour, dark contemporary music, and Indonesian tradition. With exuberant digital sarcasm, they straddle the line between the sacred and the banal.


G-Low (RW)

The supreme party starter of Kigali, he weaves effortlessly through musical styles like old school R&B, roots reggae, deep house, afrobeats, jazz, soul and things you'd never even imagine hearing on a dancefloor in East Africa. His UGC collective is responsible for some of the wildest most & unique events Rwanda has to offer.

Gooooose (China)

GOOOOOSE is the side project of Han Han, front man of one of China’s most well-known experimental rock/electronica band “Duck Fight Goose” and also owner of the experimental record label Miniless Recordings. His multi- instrumental approach of making music usually leads the audience into a place where ambient soundscape, heavily synthesized texture and syncopated rhythms find their harmony, yet still fighting with each other sometimes.

His latest album ‘Rusted Silicon’ on Shanghai’s SVBKVLT label, including remixes from Samuel Kerridge, Nahash and Sote, has gained praise from across the board, with Boomkat saying ‘Brilliantly following his nose along ribboning routes of rhythmic investigation, Gooooose plays on a sweet spot between the sort of frenetic late ‘90s/early ‘00s breaksploitation of V. Snares, AFX of Hrvatski, and the kind of clipped, hypermodern computer music you’d expect to find on FLUF or from Co La’.

Apart from making music, Han Han is also a visual artist and software developer. GOOOOOSE is a spiritual cave of Han Han, he currently lives in Shanghai. There are 5 Os.


A walking, breathing example of the diversity of Kampala’s arts and culture scene, Hibo Elmi is, amongst other things, a DJ, filmmaker, fashion designer, installation artist, rapper and producer. A self described cultural nomad, her one rule is that rules are there for breaking; a philosophy that extends to her DJ sets where, trap, hip-hop, house and genres such as Kenya’s Taraab or Morocco’s Gnawa, collide to create a vibrant contemporary collage.

Already featured on Boiler Room and NTS’ coverage of the ever influential Nyege Nyege Tapes festival, she was also personally invited to Berlin’s Forecast Festival by Holly Herndon, where she performed under her ‘poetic terrorism’ alias Ninjabi. Her set at Sónar promises to surprise, thrill and provoke in equal measure.

Hyph11e (China)

China's Hyph11E is at the forefront of a new generation of producers in Shanghai spearheading China’s club music movement. Hyph11E released her debut EP in 2017. Vanishing Cinema arrived via Shanghai imprint SVBKVLT, and featured remixes from Tzusing, M.E.S.H. and Kid Antoine. The bass-heavy EP boasts dark, formidable sound design arranged into hard-hitting club rhythms, and is an exciting signal of the emerging, vibrant Shanghai club scene.
More recently, she has released an eight-minute experimental track on Country Music, while Tzusing’s remix of her track “Black Pepper” was picked up by Kode9 & Burial for their Fabriclive 100 mix. Hyph11E has been featured in i-D , FACT, Dazed, Japan Times, AQNB and performed at Berlin’s Panorama Bar for CTM Festival, London’s Corsica Studios for Kode9’s ø night, Tokyo’s WWW and Sonar Hong Kong.


JOKKOO is a collective of Barcelona created by Dj Baba Sy and MBODJ that focuses on the dissemination of urban sounds from Africa, especially contemporary and futuristic electronic sounds.

After seeing a musical void in the city of Barcelona in what refers to urban African music and following closely the effervescence that is taking place in the continent that saw the rhythm born, the need arose to create a party where to introduce people A very powerful sound card.

This group is occasionally joined by musicians and DJs who share the same vision and passion for this music, such as DJ Douds (Senegal), DJ DAY B (Bcn-Nigeria) or percussionist Tahirou Ddrabo (Burkina Faso).

Josey Rebelle (UK)

Josey Rebelle likes to keep things simple: heavyweight selection first and foremost. Seamlessly joining the dots between house, techno, disco and more, she has gained a solid reputation both in her native London and across the world.


Juan Atkins (USA)

Born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of a concert promoter, Juan Atkins learned how to play bass, drums, and “a little lead guitar” at an early age. Atkins, along with school friends Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, tuned in regularly to WGPRto hear DJ Charles “The Electrifying Mojo” Johnson’s genre-defying radio show.
At the age of sixteen, Atkins heard electronic music for the first time, which would prove to be a life-changing experience. In late-1990s interviews, he recalls the sound of synthesizers as being like “UFOs landing.” He soon had his first synthesizer and abandoned playing funk bass.
“When I first heard synthesizers dropped on records it was great… like UFOs landing on records, so I got one.…It wasn’t any one particular group that turned me on to synthesizers, but ‘Flashlight’ (Parliament’s number one R & B hit from early 1978) was the first record I heard where maybe 75 percent of the production was electronic.”
Deep Space Soundworks & Cybotron
He bought his first analogue synthesizer, a Korg MS-10, and began recording with cassette decks and a mixer for overdubs. He subsequently taught Derrick May to mix, and the pair started doing DJ sets together as Deep Space. They took their long mixes to Mojo, who began to play them on his show in 1981.
The 1982 single “Cosmic Cars” also did well. Cybotron recorded their debut album, Enter, and were soon signed to Fantasy Records. One track, “Clear,” struck out in the direction that Atkins would pursue with what would later be called his “techno” music. The song took Kraftwerk-like electronic elements and fused them with club music.
Atkins considered Cybertron’s most successful single, “Techno City” (1984), to be a unique, synthesized funk composition. After later hearing Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” (1982), which he considered to be a superior example of the electro funk style he was aiming for, he resolved to continue experimenting, and encouraged Saunderson and May to do the same.
In 1985, Atkins left the group due to artistic differences with bandmate Rick Davis. Davis wanted the group to pursue a musical direction closer to rock, while Atkins wanted to continue in the electro-style vein of “Clear”.

Kampire (UG)

Among East Africa’s most exciting DJs and a core member of Kampala’s Nyege Nyege collective, Kampire’s vibrant bass-heavy sets have transported her to clubs & festivals across the world.

One of Mixmag’s picks for Top Ten Breakthrough DJs of 2018, Kampire’s set on Boiler Room broadcast from Nyege Nyege festival was a legitimate ‘internet moment’, with thousands of shares on Facebook leading to serious FOMO from electronic music fans watching online.
Kampire’s DJ mixes have been featured on Resident Advisor, Dekmantel and Fact Magazine, and her 2019 Rinse FM radio residency has seen her shine a light on other East African DJs & artists, including Hibotep, Faizal Mostrixx & Catu Diosis.
2018 highlights included sets at Diplo’s Africa showcase at Sonar Festival, Over The Border (Tokyo) & Unsound Festival, while 2019 sees her in demand at many tastemaker festivals in Europe and making her US debut headlining a Nyege Nyege showcase at Red Bull Music Festival, New York.
Kampire is a co-founder of the art installation “Salooni” which explores black hair as a science, culture, and art, the experiential project has traveled to La Ba Arts Festival, Uganda, Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Ghana, East African Soul Train (E.A.S.T) residency, Kenya, Africa Utopia, London, Kigali, Rwanda and Women’s day, Burkina Faso.


Kilo-Vee (China)

Kilo Vee is one of the most exciting new DJs to have emerged in thee Chinese club scene in recent times. Years of working at seminal Shanghai nightclub The Shelter have helped him build a solid understanding of underground music and culture, reflected in his eclectic and fascinating DJ sets. He's shared the decks with local crews and international stars alike (Kode9, RP Boo, Lotic, Rabit and DJ Lag to name but a few), and his intensely energetic sets, centered around experimental club sounds, heavy bass and emotion, have been a huge influence on a generation of upcoming Chinese DJs.

He has just finished the Japan/Europe tour with his label Genome 6.66MBP earlier this year and was invited to play at Saule/Berghain on CTM Festival 2019. Factmag described his DJ set as:“this wasn’t a deconstruction of anything, it was a reconstruction of dance music forms that knowingly avoided club norms...it wasn’t intended to confuse or annoy dancers, but inspire them.”

As a co-founder of Genome 6.66 Mbp, he is mainly in charge of Genome events and has brought over numerous international acts to China in the last 3 years, adopting Shanghai’s ALL CLUB as a platform to spread their uncompromising sound.


Nairobi-based producer Joseph Kamaru, better known under the name KMRU, is notable for making intelligent atmospheric and emotionally evocative electronic music. His sonic identity has evolved alongside his journey from classical guitar to production. Using everything from gritty, indigenous sound to recorded ‘atmospheric noise’ or intricate sonic landscapes. The result sees emotive ambient, geographic soundscapes, electronica and even techno. KMRU anchors his music in the space where electronic music, nature, and life intersect.

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Limbololo Soundsystem (FR)

Lyon formed and now growing across Europe, Limbololo Soundsystem is linking worldwide club sounds while you’re enjoying it under their limbo bar ! Your limbo coachs Célélé, DJ Frutos Domar and 4DOZO intensely bringing you the best riddims & remixes from the Globe’s warmest clubs & taxis. Never forget your limbo workout.


Moesha 13 who is already an underground icon sings, performs, Djs and produces a unique blend of french rap, hardcore and an unmistakable sunny southern French touch. Most of her productions draw from reggae ton or dance-hall underneath light-filled French vocals drenched in auto-tune. Moesha 13 has undeniably strong ties to hybrid club culture surfing between gadjicore, Atlanta hip hop, gabber and even some trash metal when DJ-ing. She also fux with football jerseys, flashy Yamahas and post-internet aesthetics. She sets a decolonial and feminist stage for a soundscape filled with hybrid individuals who choose where they belong during a performance or a night.


Oyisse Nyamoga Romywald (OYISSE) is a young producer, beat maker, song writer and DJ from Congo Bukavu. He began his musical journey playing drums in church at age 8 and with the support of his family, developed his passion over the years.
In 2012, he moved to Uganda to pursue his studies, and got involved in the music vibrant scene of Kampala. He recorded his first rap song in 2015 and later that year got introduced him to the music production world. OYISSE self thought himself music production and became a bedroom producer.

As he was studying, he helped a lot of up coming artists from his school kick off in the music world. He gave a lot if canceling and helped many in gaining from music.
In May 2018, OYISSE subscribed himself on an online course with dub step Network to learn the business side of the music.

Later that year he joined Boutique electronic for residency which helped him shape his creativity to create a more crazier and sophisticated sound for the audience. He set out to fuse his trap music style with African sound to come out with a new sound. As he was in the journey he also learnt how to DJ and started playing at local events.

Poko Poko (Congo)

Poko Poko is a project born of the collaboration of Congolese producer Rey Sapienz and the French-Ghanaian vocalist Pö.Together they bring a lethal combination of powerful and socially engaged texts, using a full arsenal of vocal ranges in Swahili, Lingala, French and English.

They offset these radical lyrics with humor and playfulness; adding another layer of the unexpected to Sapienz's unique genre “Congo Techno”, which makes them the perfect symbiosis of avant-garde and conscious pan-african queer pop music.

Qwasa Qwasa

Qwasa Qwasa is a 21-year-old producer and DJ. Within his productions he tries to combine "fucked-up electronic music" with rhythms and instruments from all across the globe. Whether it’s a Jersey Club beat pumped up with a soukous bassline or a Singeli trip infused with some acid and a sitar, nothing escapes the delirious ears of Qwasa Qwasa.

Being a DJ, he lives up to this musical cocktail by combining the weirdest beats with alluring sounds, found in the most obscure corners of our beloved earth.

As a bonus to the music, you can enjoy a hyper kid on stage who will fuck up your party big time. 2018 was the year he destroyed several woofers (he really did) in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and beyond and got to play at Couleur Café. 2019 is going to be a bit more extravagant and worldwide, so stay tuned for your favourite hyperkinetic-DJ-producer-boy.

Rey Sapienz (Congo)

Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he first got in touch with the musical world in church choir.

By age 12 he started performing as a rapper for the "Independence day of Congo".
In 2002 he formed a band with Jay Dragon aka Hallyson with whom he would rap on Congolese soukous and perform in local shows.

Rey was always involved with his community, and regularly organized writing workshops in youth centers. In 2012 after completing his studies, he traveled to Uganda for a collaboration with various producers from Kampala.

As the war didn't make it impossible for him to return to Congo, Rey Sapienz extended his stay in Uganda. Here he co-founded the Hakuna Kulala Label alongside Arlen Dilsizian and Derek Debru.

In June 2017 he self taught music production and within a year, released his first EP "HAKUNA KULALA". Currently he is the artist liaison within Hakuna Kulala and also gives ableton workshops to emerging new producers of Kampala.


SHYBOI is a Jamaican born, New York based multidisciplinary artist. SHYBOI is the moniker she uses to cause sonic disruption. As a creative positioned between Caribbean and American culture, she uses sound to interrogate ideas of identity, notions of power, perceived histories and the entanglements that happens within these topics. She is also member of the queer artist collective #KUNQ whose ethos is centered around the production of multidimensional work through sound, visual and performance art while expanding the discourse surrounding the subcultures and genres that have become diluted or obscured in the name of hybridity. SHYBOI has three Boiler Room sets under her ever widening belt as well as two performances at MoMA PS1 and a sold out show at the Guggenheim. Recent sounds have been featured in Fact Mag, Thump, Rinse FM, MixMag, Resident Advisor and the Fader.

Suzi Analogue (USA)

Suzi Analogue is a rarity within modern-day electronic music: a prolific black woman singer, songwriter, beatmaker and creator of Never Normal Records who draws from house, footwork, rap, reggae & film to make conceptual music that amplifies her special personal stories.

True to her name, Suzi releases much of her music on formats like tape & vinyl on Never Normal Records, which have found success from the Billboard charts to BBC Radio playlists & places like Boiler Room to New York Fashion Week shows, like the widely-celebrated designer CHROMAT S/S18 Serenity collection for which Suzi composed the live score.
Originally, born in Baltimore, MD, she has resided in numerous cities including Philadelphia, Tokyo, New York, & Miami . She's traveled to Uganda, the Netherlands & more cities to perform & lead music production courses. Cities influence Suzi's global & inclusive style - fusing soul, hip-hop and vocals with synthesizers and electronic bass instruments into new worlds.

Born Maya Shipman, she dubbed herself Suzi Analogue in tribute to RZA's moniker Bobby Digital. Analogue debuted publicly in 2009 as part of the Klipmode collective along fellow experimental hip-hop producers Knxwledge, Devonwho, and Mndsgn. Suzi's global music collaborations continued as the world tuned into her tracks like Onra "Vibe With U" down to her 7" debut "NNXT" ft "The Program" with Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins. She has innovative recordings with DJ Earl, TOKiMONSTA , and has toured with Sylvan Esso, Princess Nokia, Bonobo and more.

Swordman Kitala (UG)

Amanya Frank aka Swordman Kitala is an MC and songwriter based in Kampala, Uganda. He began his career in the industry as a lyricist in the year 2000, lending his quill to many renown Ugandan artists as Rabadaba and Chameleon.
In 2001, he kicked off his dancehall career with the release of his first song, and hit, 'Mbalaga Bino'.
He began performing in local shows and increasingly got bigger shows including the CBS radio festival.

After a few years of being a solo artist, he formed a band called Gaba Gaza which performed on many festivals around East Africa including the Nyege Nyege festival, Rost and Rhym festiival, Reggae on the Nile and more.
He later broadened his horizons by joining the Kampala underground scene and created his own experimental dancehall music. Ever since he has been perfecting his craft through collaborating with Hakuna Kulala alongside other projects to be released soon.

Tchongo Le magnifique (Congo)

Tchongo Katchetche Chris (Tchongo le magnifique) is a 23 year old artist born and raised in Kinshasa, Congo.
He began writing and singing in church choir at the age of 7. Later he joined a breakdancing crew and started rap battles at the age of 12. Freestyling these battles with inspirations like Eminem, Tchongo specialized in a very fast-paced style of rapping. Alongside this craft he manages to switch between flows every bar in a track which results in unequivocal epicnness . during live performances.

In May 2018, Tchongo came to Uganda to explore new musical opportunities and joined the Hakuna Kulala collective.He since has performed at Nyege Nyege festival in 2018,and is regularly performing in Kampala.


Afrorack (UG)

Brian Bamanya is one of the first people to build modular synth setups in Africa. He started out playing guitar and creating his own instruments when he discovered the world of modular synths. Since then he has been creating dazzling live-sets which resonate techno, abstract electronics and acid.


AO the walker

AO the walker (UG)

AO the walker is a long running resident dj at numerous night clubs in Kampala. He is well known for playing an eclectic mix of various african dance music styles.

Decay a.k.a. Cardi Monáe

Decay a.k.a. Cardi Monáe (UG)

Darlyne is a practising Ugandan multi-media artist and core member of the Nyege Nyege collective. Her projects, Decay and Cardi Monáe serve as her sonic explorations.

With Decay as a DJ, she is interested in feeling and sharing the joy of the power of the femme. Wheter she’s playing trap, dancehall, ballroom or the stankiest twerking music. It is always in service to freedom for the femme body and spirit.

With Cardi Monáe as a producer, she is interested in translating her artistic pursuits which include photography, videography and installation art, as well as her influences into music.

Her music will soon be released on Hakuna Kulala, the Nyege Nyege sublabel.

DJ Yan

Dj Yan (CD)

Hailing from Bukavu Congo DRC, DJ Yan is kampala’s best electro Soukous DJ and resident in many of Kampala’s hot Congolese Night Clubs.

EQ Why

EQ Why (USA)

EQ Why bridges the Chicago footwork scene and the experimental music underground with his raw, abstract tracks. While his tracks retain the fast, choppy tempos and aggressive, sometimes sexually explicit vocal samples typical of juke and footwork, he often incorporates jungle-influenced breakbeats and more offbeat samples.

His work stylistically draws a line between footwork's Chicago home base and its stranger Japanese variation, as reflected by EQ Why's Chitokyo Mixtape from 2013. Originally going by the name DJ T-Why, Tyrone Smith was affiliated with Bosses of the Circle, a footwork collective (founded by DJ Roc in 2005) that later included artists such as Young Smoke and Jlin.

Faizal Mostrixx - MTN Nyege Nyege Music Festival

Faizal Mostrixx (UG)

One of the most recognised contemporary dancers in Kampala, Faizal approaches African and Ugandan ideas with own distinct style, and through many different mediums. Alongside his dancing career, Faizal is a producer and DJ in his own right. Through all his work he tries to preserve and develop African cultural heritage, and his music attempts to give African traditional instruments and organic rhythms a poetic electronic instrumentalism. His 2019 Nyege Nyege show will comprise of exciting new music including his latest 12” inch release on ByrdOut records named ‘Ghosts’.

Fonkodelis Arkestra - MTN Nyege Nyege Music Festival

Fonkodelics Arkestra (UG)

Following last year's legendary unplugged performance at 5am on Sunday night in the bar at Nyege Nyege 2017, accompanied by some of the strangest dance moves we've ever seen, the Fonkodelis Arkestra are back with their unique blend of traditional Baganda percussion. The only three headed drum in Uganda originally made for the Baganda king will also make an appearance again. His Fonkoness will share traditional folk tales and futuristic sonic clairvoyance in a transcending experience.

Jako Maron

Jako Maron (RE)

Jako Maron, was born in St Denis, Reunion Island in 1968. He developed an interest in electronic music composition from the late 90’s and for the last 15 years began experimenting with the tertiary and binary beats of Maloya music via modular synthesis and drum machines. This album compiles for the first time his electro-Maloya experiments.

Traditional Maloya described the songs, music and dances of slaves of sugar plantations of Réunion Island in the 17th Century – Maloya ceremonies paid tribute to ancestors and mediated between the living and the dead. The music and culture began to be more widely accepted by Réunionese society from the 1930s as folklorist Georges Fourcade began to play Maloya songs. By the ‘50s, Maloya tracks were appearing on 78rpm releases and, in the ‘60s, it was used as a form of cultural protest music. In the mid-‘70s, a new generation began exploring new directions in the music, using Créole language and may different styles of Maloya music emerged. Jako Maron explores the full spectrum of these styles through his electronic re-interpretations of his native lands music. You can find a result of this approach on the Nyege Nyege tapes release “The electro Maloya experiments from Jako Maron” released in 2018.


Kalalu Traditional Troupe

Kalalu Traditional Troupe (UG)

Kalalu cultural group is founded by former National Heart beat of African troupe which was a Uganda’s national cultural troupe, active in the 1970’s, during Idi Amins time. Ziraba is the leader. It is typical traditional music of Basoga people including pan pipes, xylophone, fiddle, drums and dancing.

Kid Gringo

Kid Gringo (DE)

Old school Leipzich dancehall selector and Hakuna Kulala resident graphic designer will bring a colourful pallet of reggae, moombathon and other carribean flavors to Nyege Nyege 2019.

Lady Ha$h

Lady Ha$h (ET)

Lady Ha$h is the epitome of fierceness hailing from dire dawa, Ethiopia. In a city where night life diversity and female DJs presence is limited, she comes to the stage with self-taught talent and an irrefutable drive.


Maraboutage (FR)

Maraboutage is a promoter and DJ from Marseille. He has booked many international acts before such as Mina & Bryte and played quite some sets throughout the Benelux. With a passion for baile funk, afrobeats, dancehall and any given chance for a booty-shakin party he is an assured force behind the DJ-booth.

Morgiana Hz

Morgiana Hz (PL)

DJ Morgiana uses record players as fully fledged instruments, not limiting herself to the sounds recorded on vinyl. Experimenting with turntables, vocal, utilising a DIY theremin, contact mics and objects such as crystals, plants or cotton pads makes her sets truly unique, adding a new level to her mixture of experimental and club sounds. She’s also a co-founder of Poznań’s za duszno series of events.


MoRoots (UG)

Maureen Rutabingwa, better known by her stage name MoRoots, is not a new name on the music scene. She may not be in our faces everyday but she is a popular entertainer for live music enthusiasts and has graced several big concerts such as Blankets & Wine, Roast & Rhyme as well as performing alongside other music outfits such as Qwela band and Soul Deep.She may not be a ‘mainstream’ figure but her music appeals to those who appreciate the power of instrumentals as opposed to auto-tune and other studio aides associated with several popular artistes.

Cours des Grands Rebellion

Moustiq et la cours des grands (CD)

Originally haling from Kinshasha Congo DRC, and residents in many a Congolese clubs in Kampala, ‘Les Cours’ play their own take on Soukous, a little rawer and heavier than usual, le Cours infuse traditional Soukous with their own punk aesthetic.

Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe - MTN Nyege Nyege Music Festival

Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe (UG)

When the Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe sit down beside the embaire (a huge indigenous wooden xylophone) expect a hypnotic, relentless polyrhythmic onslaught of eight players locked into a groove that transcends time and space. With a forthcoming release on Nyege Nyege Tapes, this intense style from Busoga (East Uganda) is a spectacle worth observing.


Nana (TZ)

Nana is a female dancer from Tanzania, she is one of the legendary dancers from the underground singeli scene in Dar-Es-Salaam. She has performed on previous editions of the festival and has established quite a name for herself ever since.

Her physical capabilities reach beyond human comprehension as she can move the human rear-body-parts in ways not known before to mankind. You will find our world-champion in twerking throughout the festival and the numerous dance-pits.


Ocen (UG)

The self-styled 'Northern King' of Gulu prides himself in his ability to play almost all the native instruments of the Acholi – the adungu, tube fibble, calabash, thumb piano and many more. Ocen will expand his oeuvre by performing with a DIY loop station made from old computer keyboards, creating all the sounds himself live. In 2020 he will also release a collaborative album with Ryan Trianor.

Opium Hum

Opium Hum (DE)

Opium Hum aka Michail Stangl – CTM co-curator, one of the people behind Boiler Room Berlin, co-organiser of the Leisure System parties and label, and all round progressive force on the Berlin club scene – nourishes his DJ sets on sombre, hazy drones and fantastical soundscapes permeated by deep and shifting rhythms to create what can only be called a wide-awake dream.


Ras Brown (UG)

The longest running reggae sound system in Kampala, Ras Brown and his crew have lightened up UG dance floors for the last ten years with heavy dancehall/reggae/dub sounds.

Rehema Tahiri

Rehema Tajira (TZ)

Hailing from Mburahati Dar es Salaam, Rehema is the godmother of Signeli. A former famous lingala dancer Rehema, she was the one of the earliest Singeli vocalists bridging the gap between earlier styles of Sebene and its latest variations.

Samedia Shebeen

Samedia Shebeen (UK)

The Samedia Shebeen started life in 2010 as an idea for a touring festival tent, transporting late-night party people to an imaginary jungle voodoo den cum lost township shebeen.

With full, immersive set design and décor, and a soundtrack spanning old and new sounds of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East and beyond, it has proven a big hit with people at clubs and festivals. Since 2010 Samedia has toured festival across the UK, around Europe and even built a stage on the banks of the Nile at Jinja for Nyege Nyege Festival. We can be regularly found providing the tropical flavours at Boomtown, Knockengorroch and Kelburn Garden Party.

When you can't come to the party, we take the party to you with the Samedia Outrider Soundsystem. It's basically Samedia on wheels.

The Seeds Of Datura

The Seeds Of Datura (KE)

The Seeds of Datura are a metal band from Nairobi, Kenya known for songs like "Pokea Uponyaji", "Wonderland" and "Mortalized Eternity". Unbound is the band's fifth single and it speaks to something truly personal, probably something we all identify with. We wanted to bring a little light into a dark world, a little push to remind us to live with a little more intensity, purpose and above all else gratitude. There'll be times of great darkness. There will be torment, chaos and moments bound in the truest of suffering. But we suffer not because eternity hates us. We suffer because we are human. And to the human race there's is hope even in moments of great despair. Optimism and courage are the light in the dark and the cure for suffering. Unbound takes inspiration from classical singing, post-rock, depressive suicidal black metal, prog-rock, folk and psychedelic music.


Sisso (TZ)

Mohamed Hamza Ally aka Sisso is a pioneer within the singeli scene. His studio in Dar-Es-Salaam is the epicentre of the world’s most thrilling, punkish new dance style. Artists such as Bamba Pana, Jay Mitta, and Duke have all created their music in his studio.

Sisso’s productions epitomise Singeli’s hyperlocal scenius, distilling the vitality and struggle of life of the fringes of the Swahili-speaking world’s most populous city, into a unique music which seems to reflect the idea of keeping a cool head in frenetic situations. Between his ratchet rhythms and pitched-up melodies there’s a sublime, unresolved tension at play, where the music feels to accelerate so fast that dancers are glyding, sustaining a breathlessly “up” effect that uncannily recalls mid ‘90s UK Happy Hardcore as much as Chicago Footwork, Caribbean Soca and Shangaan electro, yet with a psychotomimetic appeal all of its own.


Slikback (KE)

Slikback is a Kenyan DJ and producer. After joining the Nyege Nyege collective in Kampala in mid-2017, he began to develop a unique dark yet accessible sound, drawing from a sonic pallette including footwork, trap, grime and a variety of contemporary underground African club styles. His Debut EP “Lasakaneku” was released in June 2018 by Hakuna Kulala, a Kampala based label exploring new voices from the region.

Since then, his rise has been rapid, including a Boiler Room stream of his show at Nyege Nyege Festival, and a European premiere at Unsound Festival in Poland, where he performed no less than three times. One Unsound set was highlighted by Resident Advisor as one of the 5 key performances the festival. Placed online as an Unsound podcast, the mix was hailed as one of the best of October 2018 by The Guardian, Pitchfork and Crack Magazine.

Slikback continues to create new interesting sounds and collaborate with amazing vocal talents from Kampala. He also has a new project called o g n i k i with polish producer, Morgiana Hz exploring and merging their respective universes.

Sven Kacirek

Sven Kacirek (DE)

Kacirek has been travelling to East Africa since 2018 to work on various projects. The Kacirek and Schneider field recordings of the prolific Kenyan Dodo artist Ogoya Nengo was released on Honest Jons Records in 2015.

More recently, Kacirek released the “Economic Partnership Agreement” record in collaboration with Nairobi based Percussionist Daniel Mburu Muhuni. This work, based on a series of one-on-one interviews, aimed to center the voices of people being adversely affected by the European Unions aggressive trade policy. The record was nominated for the One World Media Award.

Sven Kacirek was nominated by the Hamburger Musikpreis HANS as “best musician of the year” in 2015 and 2017. He has also composed several works for contemporary dance pieces with Johnny Lloyd and Antje Pfundtner. His album “The Kenya Sessions” (2011) received the award of the German Record Critics, his album “Songs From Okinawa” (2015) was nominated by the VIA Music Award.

Currently he is working on a new project based on a xylophone which he picked up at the Nyege Nyege studios. His brand new solo live set at Nyege Nyege will be centered around this new instrument.



Turkana (SS)

Turkana is a young South-Sudanese DJ and model who has been emerging in the Kampala nightlife scene. A regular at the Anti-Mass parties and others she has been setting the tone with experimental hip shaking music.

Wulffluw XCIV

Wulffluw XCIV (RU)

Wulffluw XCIV uses music as a communication tool, as a language that has no geographical or ethnographic boundaries, which connects people from any point of our planet. A musician, working with creative communities and musicians from South America, Europe, Asia or Africa, every time proves that religion and politics, borders and different nationalities cannot stand in the way of the truth. And the truth is the same - we are all from the Earth. Every dj set of WULFFLUW is an emotional and digital trip, from the warm and rhythmic shores of Argentina, to the coldest and most ruthless corners of Russian realities.

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Agwara Global Troupe (UG)

Straight from West-Nile Agware global troupe will perform with a full orchestra. The Agwara is a side-blown horn instrument from the Lugbara and Kebu tribes of the West-Nile region. The instrument is usually played in groups of seven or more, at Nyege Nyege they will perform with 30 people, expect madness.

Andee (SA)

Andee (SA)

Andee is a House DJ now based in Johannesburg but born and bread in the city streets of Durban South Africa. Inspired by different House genres such as deep house, afrotech, Tribal; Andee moves between these genres to create a unique set, in most of Andee's sets she adds accapellas to bring a sort of creativity to every set. It is imperative to her process to explore different sounds, to explore the theme of fun and freedom. Andee has not only made her mark in her Hometown Durban and Johannesburg but has become imprinted her name in the streets of New York, playing in Notable venues and events such as Le Bain, Mood Ring, littlefield, Studio Impepho, Ritual, Neo Africa just to name a few. Andee currently hosts a nightlife event that is centered around, freedom and individuality and embracing community.

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Anti-Virus (TZ)

MC Anti-Virus is one of the few female MC’s in Dar-Es-Salaam’s singeli scene. Before her premier at Unsound festival in Poland this badass will rock the Nyege Nyege stages for the first time this year.




Former RPM and DJ BK team up as one of the most exciting dj outfits of the Kampala nightlife, expect big room afro sound.

Bushali (RW)

Bushali (RW)

Kinya trap star from the green fairis crew.

Chief Beka (TZ)

Fierce singeli to warm up your hips.

Cuidado (PT)

Cuidado (PT)

Grooves from Portugal.

DJ Danger Ingozi (SA)

DJ Danger Ingozi (SA)

The ever progressive DJ DANGER INGOZI, flexes his electroactive polymers with a high voltage selection of forward thinking dance music.

As head of Ri-creation at Johannesburg-based ‘events etc’ brand, Broaden A New Sound, the OG of underground sounds has spent more than a decade immersed in beat-hunting. From his days pushing psychedelia from independent music retailer Canned Applause, through a wilderness of pop-up parties in locations across the city, through to his current major occupation as booker and curator of music policy at Kitchener’s, the beat has remained alive and kicking under this DJ’s relentless pursuit. His yearning for eclecticism and open-mindedness on the dance floor is embodied in Broaden A New Sound’s regular events, including the duplex homes of DJ DANGER INGOZI, Music is the Weapon and Below The Bassline.

DJ DANGER INGOZI opts to sweat it out with an booty-freeing blend showcasing a refreshing repertoire with sublime results in every set.Only the freshest and highest quality of productions resonate at his core, including:
Future Funkizms / Township Funky / Garage / Hou$e / Afro Booty Musique (Kuduro, Batida etc.) / Tribalismo Dança Especials / Rudeboy Skanks / Dub / Footwork / Juke / Techno / B▲SS.

Dash (UG)

Dash (UG)

One of Kampala’s finest.

Dawa (FR)

Dawa (FR)

DAWA unites a group of self-taught DJs and music enthusiasts, who are particularly passionate about Afro-centric music, merging various African musical traditions with contemporary music genres. Specifically, our music is heavily imbued with Afro-house, Afro-beats and Latin-bass rhythms, all while become its own unique dance vibe. To ensure a multitude of Afro-centric music, we often team up with other DJs and music-makers from the diaspora to our sets.

For the past three years, DAWA has made a name for itself by breathing new life into Paris’ underground club scene with its progressive and infectious DJ-sets. Our group gained popularity in Paris’ growing Afro-house scene, through our unconventional parties and performances like “Afro-Dancefloor parties”, “Socarriba parties”, “Soundshine parties”, “Pum-Pum Revolution parties”, as well as our “Mafé-parties”.

Discolowcost (FR)

Discolowcost (FR)

Musical eclecticism runs through his veins and these characteristics reflect in the dancefloor at all the clubs he plays at.

DJ Andrew (SA)

DJ Andrew (SA)

Fire from South-Africa.

Dj Dash (UG)

Dj Dash (UG)

DJ Diaki (ML)

DJ Diaki (ML)

West Africa’s response to singeli.

DJ Mufasa (KE)

DJ Mufasa (KE)

Straight from Nairobi, look for Mufasa throwing down classic riddims and kenyan underground hiphop/dancehall.

DJ Ninja (UK)

DJ Ninja (UK)

A trailblazer highly skilled in the art of sound.


Dj Scotch Egg (JP)

Dj Scotch Egg (JP)

He started out in his native Japan, making improvised noise music performing under the name Shiez 2000, also contributing to a few other projects in the scene. After moving to Brighton from Tokyo, he founded Brighton's premier breakcore/noise night, Wrong Music, with friends Henry Collins (aka Shitmat) and Matt (Roger Species). Collins took Scotch Egg under his wing, convincing him to use his Game Boy to create gabber tracks. As of 2006, he began releasing music on the Wrong Music label, Adaadat & Junior Aspirin Records, with notable collaborations with Ove-Naxx, Hrvatski, Duracell, Bong-Ra, The Pipettes and The Go! Team.
Next to his band projects Drumeyes (with Eda of Boredoms) and Devilman (with Taigen Kawabe of Bo Nigen) Shigeru produces and performs as DJ Scotch Bonnet and co-runs the Berlin-based label Small But Hard. From August to September Scotch Egg has also been working as a resident in the Nyege Nyege studios together with Omutaba and the Climbers.

Dj Tak Show (TZ)

Dj Tak Show (TZ)

DJ Tak Show is a resident DJ at the Sisso Studios.

DJ Vajayjay (KE)

DJ Vajayjay (KE)

A lady of endless powers and ideas, the wild card of the festival.

DJ Water (UG)

DJ Water (UG)

Toughest Congolese DJ of Kampala, straight outta Kinshasa.

Dogo Lizzy (TZ)

Dogo Lizzy (TZ)

Aiii aiiii fire singeli MC! First performance outside of Tanzania.

Dogo Mjanja (TZ)

Dogo Mjanja (TZ)

Ultimate badboy Dogo Mjanja started out as one of the youngest MC’s in Dar-Es-Salaam’s Singeli scene. He has recently released a track with Jay Mitta on Nyege Nyege tapes called Tatizo Pesa.

Duma (KE)

Duma (KE)

New killer grindcore projecs from the vortex of the nyege studios, Sam and Kanja bring their love for metal into a rowdy brew of electronica... first ever performance at nyege nyege, next level shit.

Fourmï Rouz (MU)

Fourmï Rouz (MU)

Logeshen Moorgan, aka Fourmï Rouz, is a groundbreaking DJ/broadcaster/curator from the multiethnic subtropical island of Mauritius. With recent publications on Trax Magazine, The Ransom Note and Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel, Logeshen recently toured Europe and India with portentous performances at the 39th edition of Trans Musicales festival (Rennes), Fusion Festival (Germany) or Jodhpur Riff (Rajasthan’s International Folk Festival).
Currently, he is the maitre d’oeuvre for creating a regional artistic collaboration amongst the islands of the Indian Ocean, aiming to preserve, revamp and disseminate their unique musical heritage throughout the world. Culminating in eminent partnerships with the likes of Nickodemus and Lefto, Maxi’s worldwide musical excursion has, over the past decade, consolidated his reputation as one of the most avant-garde trendsetting artists in the region.

Fulu Muziki (Congo)

Fulu Muziki (CD)

The particularity of Fulu Muziki, which translates as “music from the garbage” in local Lingala, is that rather than buying instruments, members of the group create their own objects from waste. The eight-piece stronghold were also the originators of the “KOKOKO!” Project. Fulu Muziki will create a series of instruments especially for Nyege Nyege and create a show for this occasion.

Houdini (SO)

Houdini (SO)

Houdini is known in the Kampala music scene as the twin powerforce of Hibotep, one of Nyege Nyege’s upcoming dj’s. This diverse dj manages to surprise with musical eclecticism, hence Houdini…

Howell (JP)

Howell (JP)

Subcult records head honcho.

Infrapa (CO)

Infrapa (CO)

Kalindura hip hop from Lumumbashi, pure fire!

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Intwari (BI)

Intwari, is a percussion band from Burundi which will bring their vigorous drumming to Jinja. The skilled art of traditional drumming is passed on through generations, it is an electric experience with dancing, drumming and much more. 8 drummers will make the ground and your booty shake at Nyege Nyege festival.

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João Pais Felipe (PT)

Resident of the 2019 Nyege Nyege residencies. He is also part of the HHY and the Makumbas.

King Shango (UG)

King Shango (UG)

One of Kampala’s most fierce reggae dj’s.

Kisiwani Vanga Band (TZ)

Kisiwani Vanga Band (TZ)

The Vanga style of Zaramo tribes traditional music from Tanzania resonates closely with many contemporary styles of Tanzanian electronic music. Very fast paced with interlocking percussive grooves, this will be the first time that Vanga music will be performed in Uganda.

Koojo (GH)

Koojo (GH)

Leslie Koojo is a Ghanian/Canadian recording artist based out of NYC. August 2017, Koojo came to Rwanda to play the Kigali Up music festival with his NYC band King Holiday. After only a week in Rwanda, Koojo canceled his ticket back to NYC and decided to stay in Africa to record his debut album. Since then, Koojo has recorded his album in Accra, Kigali, and Kampala.

Koojo is releasing his first single "Unconditional" Sep 1, 2019. The artsy and avant-garde video was shot in entirely in Rwanda and is a collaboration of East Africa's top models, filmmakers, fashion/art designers, dancers, and actors. This will be Koojo's first performance playing NYEGE NYEGE.

The Kuruka Chama (BI)

The Kuruka Chama (BI)

Cosmoburundian outfit fusing traditional Burndian rythms with an acid spin.

Lawrence Okello Ensemble (UG)

Lawrence Okello Ensemble (UG)

Lawrence Okello takes us on a journey through Uganda's ancestral rythms, excelling at all main instruments his performance is always breathtaking, especially accompanied by master adungu players.

Le fils du tourisme (FR)

Le fils du tourisme (FR)

Le Fils du Tourisme strives for an endless search of sounds from the most obscure corners of our earth. He is also the founder of the dj-collective “Bamba Crew” and the festival “Ed Mundo”. Hij has shared the line-up before with Throes + Shine, Guts, Slum Village, Jay Prince, Grem's, Imhotep, Nigga Fox, Joey le Soldat, iZem....

Leo Palayeng (UG)

Leo Palayeng (UG)

Leo Palayeng is one of the pioneering architects of electronic Acholi music. Alongside Otim Alpha they managed to spread electronic Acholi music all across the globe. Leo will be seen in different settings at Nyege Nyege and one of them is an electronic Acholi dj-set.

Luz (DE)

Luz (DE)

Berlin-based dj and founder of the non-binary forward thinking collective “Room 4 Resistance”.

MC Kidene (TZ)

MC Kidene (TZ)

Wordsmith from Dar-Es-Salaam.

Menzi (SA)

Menzi (SA)

Menzi is a South African producer who pushes Gqohm music in twisted directions that strike your ears to unprecedented heights.

Naselow (UG)

Naselow (UG)

Naselow sprung to life to feed the urge of the Kampala nightlife.

Nazizi (KE)

Nazizi (KE)

Considered by many as the First Lady of Kenyan hip-hop, thanks to her illustrious music career spanning decades, Nazizi has inspired a whole new generation of fearless femcees.

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Nesta (UG)

Label boss at heartbeat records and veteran of the Kampala reggae and hip-hop scene, DJ Nesta and his crew also run one of the heaviest reggae nights in Kampala, maximum respect.

Obwaka (KE)

Obwaka (KE)

Dope DJ from Nairobi, classic afrohouse, disco, afrobeat???

Olith Ratego (KE)

Olith Ratego (KE)

Olith Ratego was born Musa Odhiambo omondi, in Asere Ugenya, Siaya District. The middle child in a family of three, his interest in music was awakened by his mother who was a singer of “Dodo”, a traditional style of luo music. She on occasion performed for dignitaries and even the then president of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.
In 2001, he heard an afro-fusion song that rekindled his singing passion. He made up his mind to have a song produced and played on radio. With monies raised from his carpentry workshop, “Mamano Daa” was released on radio. It got massive airplay locally but he did not get the desired recognition and returned to Siaya.
Come 2003, he heard of an upcoming show in Siaya by King Kong and approached him to curtain raise the show. He was accorded that opportunity and got a great response from the crowd. Impressed with his performance, King Kong took him to Nairobi as his singer. Olith raised enough money to release another single – “Aheri”. While working with King Kong, he was introduced to Tabu Osusa, an avid Afro – Fusion producer who signed him on to the Ketebul Productions stable and “Osuga” was born!!

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Omutaba & The Climbers (UG)

Drummer extraordinaire Omutaba comes with his full percussion ensemble, mixing folktales and hard percussions, his sound erupts with force but carriest the heart softly.

Otim Alpha Arkestra (UG)

Otim Alpha Arkestra (UG)

Otim Alpha has been on the forefront of electronic Acholi music. He has toured around the globe with Leo Palayeng and is going all out at Nyege Nyege this year. A once in a lifetime show will be created where Otim will establish a musical group with all of his fellow melomaniacs. In doing so he will present a bewildering experience taking Acholi music to new heights.

Pallaso Mayanja (UG)

Pallaso Mayanja (UG)

Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso is a Ugandan recording artiste, songwriter, producer and videographer. He sings in Luganda, mixes with English and sometimes Kiswahili. He’s music genre specialty is Afrobeat, Hip hop, Dancehall, Afropop, and RnB.


Phelimuncasi (SA)

Gqom originators and originals from Durban, the trio has been a mainstay in the South African underground, performing for the first time out of South Africa.

Queen Sheebah (UG)

Queen Sheebah (UG)

Sheebah Karungi is a Ugandan recording artist, dancer and actress who debuted her acting career in Queen of Katwe as Shakira. After quitting Obsessions, a dance group she joined in 2006, she rose to recognition upon the release of her hit single "Ice Cream”.

Rophnan (ET)

Rophnan (ET)

As much as renowned Ethiopian music producer, songwriter and DJ Rophnan likes to refer to himself as just an all rounded artist, he is credited by many as a pioneer of sorts when it comes to EDM music in Ethiopia. Rophnan blends high tempo electronic beats with authentic traditional Ethiopian sounds. The successful release of his debut album “Netsabraq” in 2018 catapulted him into becoming one of the most celebrated artists in his home country. The album also made history as the leading electronic dance music album published in Ethiopia.

Rosie Parade (SA)

Rosie Parade (SA)

DJ and brilliant event producer, curator and host from Johannesburg, exciting new act to discover.

Saturnalia (IT)

Saturnalia showcase (IT)

Our friends who run one of our favorite festivals in Europe, Saturnalia.

Selector Jay (UG)

Selector Jay (UG)

One of the most recognizable faces on Uganda’s deejaying scene, Selector Jay, started his career more than a decade ago as a mobile DJ hanging around Ange Noir, now club Guvnor, and playing at random places around Kampala.

The cheerful DJ has since become a household name, playing at some of the best clubs and hangouts in the country.

Selektah Raffa (UG)

Selektah Raffa (UG)

One of the young sound explorers in Kampala's selecta scene, an MC favorite when he unleashes the obscure dubs.

Shannen SP (UK)

Shannen SP (UK)

Shannen SP is the co-curator, alongside Kode9, and resident of London’s mid-week monthly Hyperdub event Ø, as well as a NTS Radio resident hosting the I.D.S.T show. As a DJ, her sets explore club sounds through an afro-diasporic lens, ranging from kuduro, gqom, batida, dark dancehall and more. While Shannen SP easily aligns with techno and dance music’s zeitgeist, she focuses on layering afro-polyrhythms with political narratives for a fierce, but entrancing and ritualistic dancefloor experience.

Sir Aludah (UG)

Sir Aludah (UG)

Kampala based DJ Aludah works with Radiocity97fm. When he is not on the airwaves or at a Ugandan event on a weekend, he’s probably in South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Malasia, Sweden, rockin a party.

Sir Aludah has worked with Channel O and has been nominated for both local and continental awards like the Agda awards for best East African DJ.

DJ Slik Stuart and Roja (UG)

DJ Slik Stuart & Roja (UG)

Roja and DJ Slick Stuart have been nominated for two consecutive Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards. Collaborating with artists like Beenie Gunter has pushed their reputation further into the stratosphere as Kampala’s premiere mash up dj’s.

Talent Africa 10 years showcase (UG)

Talent Africa 10 years showcase (UG)

For it's ten year anniversary, Talent Africa will launch the album of in-house producer Sam, who's been working with some of the most talented stars in the game.

Tristan (FR)

Tristan (FR)

One of Nyege's beloved engineers and also co-founder of the Trickart crew and mini BPM festival in Nantes, also co-founder of Africa Bass Culture, big supporter of music and grooves.

W.Z.N. (MR)

W.Z.N. (MR)

Synth freakout from the Sahara, Mauritanian WZN (literally “instrumental music”) has emerged as pop music, blaring out of taxi cabs and cassette shops throughout the country. Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla is one of the country’s biggest stars. Performing in lavish weddings of Nouakchott with a troupe of percussionists, Ahmed‘s signature style is dynamic and ambitious, shredding over the keys with flourishes (like playing with his elbows and head!). Hypnotic and tranced out, Ahmedou transports Mauritanian classical music into technological futures, like a drug-free baroque rave under the open air of the Sahara.

Xrisscross (UG)

Xrisscross (UG)

One of Kampala's finest Reggae DJs, bringing his wild reggae night vibes to Nyege Nyege this year.

Young Yuda (TZ)

Young Yuda (TZ)

Heavy singeli MC from Dar-Es-Salaam.

Yugen Blakrok (SA)

Yugen Blakrok (SA)

A sorceress who casts hexes with words and sound waves, Yugen Blakrok emerges from the smoke filled dungeons of rap… Growing up in the Eastern Cape and influenced by the political/militant and spiritual aspects of Hip-Hop, her music is firmly rooted in the mind-set of the 90’s, a deep lyrical and audio odyssey into the world around us, both seen and unseen.

Gaining recognition through various features and live shows, Yugen has been on the SA scene for over a decade. After joining indie label Iapetus Records in 2009, home to artists such as the late great Robo, Hymphatic Thabs and Fifi the RaiBlaster, she teamed up with Sampletologist Kanif the Jhatmaster, releasing several videos and singles, leading up to her debut album.

Her sound is a mix of sci-fi soundscapes, hard drums and meditative melodies, over which Blakrok’s words command vivid attention. Live the room often moves as one, as in a trance, led through the acoustic void.

Zulu Choko (BE)

Zulu Choko (BE)

Vinyl Bliss, always with love and groove.

Zzero Sufuri (KE)

Zzero Sufuri (KE)

Underground hip hop from Nairobi.

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