Boötes Void

Matching the oneiric dramaturgy and machine drum-noise aesthetics of their recent, internationally praised debut record, Metal Preyers re-emerge into their disorienting, dread-inducing soundscape and condense it into this 20 minute, beautifully composed work. Soaked in atmosphere, and genuinely unsettling, Bootes Void lures us into a world of hypnogogical hallucinations and disturbing instrument lacerations. Crafted with fragments of abrasive guitars, otherworldly piano tones and machinesque doom synth-lines, the record follows a deliberate progression and cinematic narration, elements of musique concrète can be picked up. The opening wooden drums create a frightening tension that is intensified by the decaying loops against a backdrop of misty harmonic dissonance, blood-curdling screams and eerie chanting. When it dissipates it can only shift into a more ghostly surrealism. A discomforting desolation echoing void.