From the Cave to the World

Nyege Nyege Tapes sibling, Hakuna Kulala host the hardass debut by Don Zilla, manager of the Boutiq studio at the heart of Kampala, Uganda’s vital music scene

Following up his remixes of STILL’s ‘I’ album cuts in 2018, Don Zilla bares his teef in both parts of ‘From The Cave to the World’, first churning up a viscous groove full of shadow-boxing drums and gutter bass distortion on the cusp of dubstep rave and halfstep D&B with ‘From The Cave’, before opening up a stargate like portal in his studio with 12 minutes of plunging beatless depth and unheimlich terra forming in ‘Inside Me’, and in a way recalling early Emptyset or stare-out Prurient piece.