L’Esprit de Nyege 2020

Music has always been at the heart and soul of Nyege Nyege, and we wanted to encompass the spirit of this year and of our line up and our 2020 edition of our annual festival into an essential collection of exclusive music from artists on this year’s program from across the continent and the wider African diaspora.

Just like our festival, it will remain a testament to the resilience, talent and vision of the artists who joined us in the sixth edition of Nyege Nyege. 50% of the income of the compilation will go towards the cost of the festival and towards current projects including our artist residency, and 50% will be evenly shared between all the artists on the compilation, a way to support everyone at once, and to support the festival and its ongoing projects. The compilation will be available for ONE MONTH on our bandcamp.

Our 96 + hour extravaganza with a incredible lineup of artists, dancers, producers, costume designers and editors from across the continent and the wider African diaspora is available to watch for free on our you-tube channel or Nyege Nyege Fest facebook page.