Through music, dance and theatrical performance, Swiss-Congolese electronic composer Bonaventure and Congolese electronic composer and vocalist Rey Sapienz are initiating a genre-bending project that examines how spirituality exists in both holy and secular practices. Since the summer of 2019, the two producers have been recording music with the Kingdom Choir, a 6 voices Congolese gospel group based in Kampala. The newly formed collective is engaging in this hybrid performance piece that challenges the practice, perception, significance and delivery of hymns of adoration by merging them with the rhythms and codes of progressive and contemporary Club music. Moving away from the traditional expectations of spiritual rituals and embodiments, this collaborative project oscillates between Congolese folklore, Gospel and contemporary expressions while encouraging dialogues between the Club and Church goers, as those two scenes are often seen as incompatible. While meeting at the intersection.

The piece, produced by the Arsenic Theatre (Lausanne – CH), is scheduled to tour in Switzerland during the winter of 2021, and is being created at, and supported by the Uganda Museum, in Kampala.

At the occasion of the digital edition of the 2020 Nyege Nyege festival, the collective will be presenting “Combat Spirituel” an ever-growing performance informed by story-telling, collective healing, trance through praise and celebration.

Bonaventure (Soraya Lutangu) uses music and performance art as identity research tools along with practical and speculative initiatives to connect her African and European roots.

Rey Sapienz is a prominent Kampala based music producer of Congolese descent. His acclaimed EP MUSHORO was released on Hakuna Kulala, the label he co-founded with Arlen Dilsizian and Derek Debra.

The Kingdom Choir is a 6 members strong Gospel project stemming out of the youth-focused Congolese Church of “Kingdom”, based in Kampala, Uganda.

The mission of the Kingdom Choir is to inspire joy and unity among all people through creations that while holding traditional values, are exploring contemporary musical processes and tools. The collective’s interests are revolving around the communal healing that transpire in their music, and an interest for dance, humor, collective care and a sustained research on ways to live and express spirituality.