Co-founder of one of Morocco’s biggest collectives and music platform DIAPAZONE, 3xOJ is an electronic music producer from Meknes, currently living in Casablanca – Morocco. Beyond music production, he’s also a photographer, a videographer and a graphic designer. 3xOJ got to collaborate with an outstanding number of Moroccan, African and European artists. Over the years, this combination of styles, influences and group experiences was fruitful. Thereby, he got to release in June 2019 his first EP, “sneper.exe”, a 20 minutes concept-album that’s also a tribute to the legendary Moroccan collective Lemchaheb. In “sneper.exe”, 3xOJ takes up the challenge of harmonizing several melodies following a complex variation in rhythms, styles and patterns, all of this in one single range.

IG: @__3xoj
FB: @3xojmusic