Kuloba Ben also known as Byg Ben Sukuya is a Ugandan rapper, songwriter and recording artist under Babana Basha, the label he founded together with his manager Situma Japhet Jeff.

Singing in his native language Lumasaba and English, he started his music career in 2010 as part of the rap group Bayinga but hit the airwaves in 2016 with the song “Ndolelele” on a joint album with Sharon Sento, followed by his first solo album “Imbuka Eyi’Yange” featuring Ugandan rap artist Keko. He is currently working on his second, 12-tracker  album #Yvette, dedicated to his late young sister (R.I.P). Byg Ben Sukuya performed at various festivals all over Africa and had been recipient of various music awards, among others: Collaboration of the Year in the Ugandan Hip Hop (2020), Ugandan Music Awards male rapper of the Year (2018) and the Ugandan Hip Hop Eastern Rapper of the year (2017).



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