For the past few years, full moons in Montréal have come with the promise of skilful and uplifting curation by an enigmatic DJ who goes by Bonbon Kojak. He takes patrons on a high-octane journey through carefree tropical rhythms, spellbinding and exuberant Afro-house, brain-bending favela funk and all-around percussive hedonism.

Rocked by the Congolese sounds of his childhood, the DRC-born Bonbon Kojak always seemed to gravitate towards rhythm and vibration. After relocating to Johannesburg, he studied music in its many different forms. Since landing in Montreal, Kojak has also shared the stage with the likes of Kaytranada, Windows 98 and Shabazz Palaces, and performed at Igloofest, last fall’s RBMA Weekender, Boiler Room and Mutek.

He released the first instalment of his Espoir 2018 mixtape series through OkayAfrica.

Known for his uncanny ability to juggle the latest Afrotronic sounds with a smattering of global rhythms, Kojak brings his lunar-based recipe for swirling success to dancefloors.