Since his High School years pursuing Hip Hop music, and a voice that sets him apart from others ,Denzel brings a new style to Hip Hop Music. Through his relentless attitude, love for Music and adaptability to different genres, he has been committed to showcase his talent and abilities and he attributes his success to his fans who have shown him support and love on his musical journey.

Due to his continued efforts and focus on his music,he has had the opportunity to grace performances at popular events such as Colour Festival, Barrels Whiskey Expo and continues to record new music .Upon the success of the Hit Song ‘Kitu Nono’ and ‘Kitu Nono Remix’ he strives to give more music as he works on releasing his mixtape and working on more collaborations with various artists. Denzel Kong is an artist to look out for as he redefines what is possible for himself and the Music Industry.

IG: @ denzel_kong