Dilman Dila is a Ugandan filmmaker, writer and digital artist. He has published a collection of his short stories like A Killing in the Sun in 2014 and novellas, such as The Flying Man of Stone in 2016. His short stories have also appeared in several magazines and anthologies, including AfroSF v2 and Myriad Lands. His films have won awards at film festivals, including the Ugandan Film Festival (2014) and the Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival (2012).

The research of Dilman Dila focuses on indigenous knowledge systems and mathematics, he is examining the use of African fractal mathematics in anti-malaria gene drive algorithms. Dila challenges the dominant Eurocentric point of view in science, and the dominant consideration that other forms of knowledge inferior to this Eurocentric ‘science’.

Ugandan sci-fi film maker Dilman Dila interrogates the complex relation between local knowledge systems and the colonial trauma.

Learn more about Dilman Dila’s work – check out the article about his recent film ‘Akoota’, sharing with us the personal stories and socio-political motives behind his project while interrogating the complex relationship between local knowledge systems and the colonial trauma, published on Digital Earth’s Medium page.
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