After 20 years in the business, Maintain has subsequently built a huge name for his ability to cut, scratch and blast out the sounds of a genre that remains at the helm of music, fashion and culture in the mainstream and underground. 

With such a love for music it was only natural that Maintain would turn his eye to production and with equal aplomb his creative flair with the collective Lost Sounds Productions is undeniable-stay tuned for new production coming. Maintain brings a hard core professionalism, an infinite knowledge of music and the ability to make any crowd go bump in the night.

From sneaking downstairs as a kid to listen to the latest banging tunes being played at his sister’s 21st birthday party to taking the risk to use his brother’s 1210s: Maintain is all about the music. 

An initial taste of classics from luminaries like; Shalamar, Steve Arrington, SOS Band, Loose Ends, The Jones Girls- was the spark that ignited a passion. Once that passion was lit, Maintain’s love affair with that most dynamic of genres we call hip-hop followed and he was assimilated into this dynamic genre.

Taking in the greats of hip-hop like; the late great seminal Gangstarr, the loquacious verbals of Big Daddy Kane, the rousing anti-establishment words of Public Enemy and the cool laid back playfulness of De La Soul were the foundations for this wizard of turntablism.


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