After almost 15 years of peddling his own cd’s and tapes on the streets of Mbale, Robert Mugamba’s Kadodi finally get a proper introduction to the outside world.

Extending privileged insight to the way ancient practices meet modernism near the Equator in East Africa, their debut ‘Kadodi’ LP renders a set of mesmerizing, rhythmelodic percussion and crowd hollers,

Placing ageless ritual music alongside its club antecedents, the results find tradition frictionlessly reconciled with modernism, drawing bridges between tribal identities and ancient belief systems, and clubs as contemporary sites of ritual enactment.

The musical aspect of the ceremony is intended to induce initiates to a trance state, readying them to transcend from boyhood (basinde) into men (basani). The twice yearly rites of passage are such an occasion that their soundtrack has now transcended from original ritual use to find its ways into nightclubs, thanks to producers such as DMX, Papas and Sun C – the pioneer of Kadodi music’s shift into electronic spheres.

The Domadana Kadodi Performers perform a bristling frenzy of polymetric percussion with hypnotic intensity coming as a result of their natural complexity.