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Ecko Bazz is also known for being a manic, eclectic, freaky live performer providing kinetic, mind-blowing entertainment, a nightmarish as explosive soundscape that would stay in your head for long and ignite any raving crowd. Wild, pure and unadulterated, no one has sounded quite like him. Despite you might not call it accessible, without doubt his music is some of the most dynamic, surreal and energizing being released today. 

Ugandan born and raised rapper Ecko Bazz is somewhat of a unique phenomenon exploding onto the Eastern Africa hip hop, grime scene, yet spreading his stabbing sound out of the continent with loud, eccentric ferocity. Hyper-adrenalized and uncontrollably exuberant, Ecko Bazz’s greatest force is the intensity, the rudeness and the devouring energy that radiate his persona and his vigorously imaginative artistic style. 

His latest, critically acclaimed and second Hakuna Kulala EP Kyusa Embela with producer pq came out in 2019 following up his 2018 hardcore techno banger Tuli Banyo featuring lyrics by rapper Biga Yut, production pq and a rave edit by newcomer Ekhe. (And big-upped by Aphex Twin on his recent North American tour, and Death Grips.) His debut album is to be released on Hakuna Kulala in early 2021 with productions by Debmaster and Slikback. Also upcoming is his first collaboration with Italian producer Still for the multi-disciplinary Berlin-based label PAN.






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