DJ, producer and dancer, Faizal Mostrixx is a counter-culture visionary and undoubtedly one of the most original talents to emerge from the new East African electronica scene and now a regular feature on the global club circuit. Driven by the urge to create new musical hybrids, Faizal has pioneered “tribal electronics” crafting electrifying tribal afro-futurist sets with regional beats and moods, hypnotic chord sequences and patterns combined with the heavily-processed glissandos of Ugandan singers over a complex, rhythmic cascade of traditional instruments.

Since his debut album “Tribal Match” released in 2017, Faizal has broken new ground with a series of genre-defining releases, including four EPs of which Ghosts EP (2019) released on the London label Byrd Out, garnered rave reviews, and a tasty remix of Lua Preta’s seminal track Quero Mais plus two contributions to the brilliant Beating Heart series.

Faizal has lots of exciting projects lined-up including an exclusive collaboration with pioneer Ethiopian electronic music star Rophnan, as well as a new album release in Spring 2021.




Instagram: @faizalmostrixx 

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/FaizalMostrixxMusic