Groovy Jo is a 22 year old rapper singer and songwriter. She first started releasing music back in 2018 when she met with ADF manager Musau who got her to the studio and began working with her now producer Lemario.

She has released over twenty songs on Soundcloud, Apple music and Spotify. She was on the homeboyz jumpman freshman list and nominated for best female artist in the 2019 Unkut awards.

Groovy jo has released songs such as unannounced, What You Know About That, No Attitude and quite a few more songs that have slowly began increasing her following. She has worked with artists like Boustross, Kay Green and Asum Garvey to mention a few of the collaborations.

She expects to drop her debut EP later this year and says that music isn’t the only thing she is passionate about as she hopes to venture into acting someday.

IG: @groovyjowhoareyou