Somali DJ, producer, Nyege OG and Femme Extraordinaire Hibotep comes packed with hard blows to weave energies into sonic narratives that are both haunting and liberating.

A walking, breathing example of the diversity of Kampala’s arts and culture scene, Hibo Elmi is, amongst other things, a filmmaker, fashion designer and installation-artist. A self-described cultural nomad, her one rule is that rules are there for breaking. A philosophy that extends to her DJ sets where trap, hip-hop, house are combined with taraab, gnawaa and other more Arabic influences to collide into a vibrant contemporary sonic collage.

In 2019 she joined the We Are Europe roster and became the face of Native Instruments traktor. She has played at various international festivals, among others Sónar, CTM, Today’s Art…

IG: @hibotep
FB: @hibotep
SC: @hibo-afrokush-thenomad