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Karolina Karnacewicz aka Morgiana Hz is a producer, DJ, abstract turntablist and performer. The moving spirit behind Sound Emancipation, which started with „Vocational School of Music” in 2016. It is motivated by the conviction that only talking about feminism in regards to music is not enough – actions and groundwork bring actual change. Morgiana Hz thinks of music as vibrations and sees sounds like waves of colors. Hir compositions resonate with Heart of Earth and are based on Pythagorean tunings (which one exactly, depends on intention – this is an intrinsic practice in hir life, not only music). During hir adventurous soundscapes, ze interacts with the energy of the collective and shares with everyone the moment of togetherness. The suffix – ‘ness’ – coming from old Hebrew means ‘miracle’ and joins the source phenomenons: happiness, sadness, sensualness and queerness to form the spiritual body which is explored by the artist.
Morgiana Hz also performed with others, for example with Cindytalk, Keith Rowe, Lucio Capece, Ryoko Akama, Noid, Klaus Filip, Emilio Gordoa, GRAŃ, Hexorcismos, Slikback and is always open for artistic meetings with beings from various fields.