Nasibo plays the Mbira instrument from Zimbabwe ,as when she sings vocals which soothes and uplifts your soul as she encoperates some of the vocal techniques such as Shona  yodelling, the Ndebele styles, scatting and other ways she borrows from other African countries.

To  date she she has performed on several stages with big artist like Habib koite in a band called Music Crossroads Divas in 2018 at HIFA 2017 and also worked with artist from Zimbabwe, Jah Prayer, Oliver Mutukudzi, Edith weUtonga, Music According to Percussion as a backing vocalist.

Nasibo took part in a cultural musical experiment called Maisha Music Experiment held in Ethiopian by EU delegation to African Union .As a seasoned mbira ,singer and song writer she got a chance to showcase the music from her country zimbabwe and she is currently working on her album ‘ZARUWE’

Growing in her music career, she has found a way to address issues that affect the society through using her vocal ability to move one’s soul from a physical to a trance or spiritual experience that heals the soul.

Her music life style has seen growing as a social and cultural activist and she  sings of the problems that affects women and children, Ubuntu and other social issues.