The most joyful and positive person you’d ever meet, you’ll find him running the reggae stage at Nyege Nyege every year with DJ Shax, DJ Nesta and other members of the original Ras Clan Ras Brown started DJing on tapes in the late 90’s when reggae music started coming to Uganda. From Roots to Dub and Dancehall, Ras Brown don’t discriminate good sound, and he’s also taken to production during covid, producing dub music with Don Zilla  he also has a project in the pipeline with Don Zilla, He has performed at many venues and festivals in Uganda, Africa and Europe. He also started the reggae soundsystem Ras Clan Entertainment which has uplifted many Ugandan as well as international reggae deejays.

IG: @djrasbrown
FB: @Ras Brown / @Ras Clan Entertainment
SC:  @mugisha-r-saad