Jazz and Electronic Musician, Producer, Bass player, Songwriter and Composer. Born and live in Haifa/Palestine. Studied jazz and contemporary music. former bassist of Shatea Band (1989-1995). Produced and composed music for theater and released one album ‘everything changed’ (2012). Performed and toured Palestine and worldwide as Bass player with various
productions and bands.
The passion for experimental and electronic music and sounds since childhood and yet the urge to explore the inside world of his musical heart using all his knowledge, techniques and philosophy led him to act solo and setup his Eurorack Modular Synthesizer which stole his heart and time and started to
produce and perform live electronic music since 2018.
The connection to the electrical realm of the universe (as an electrical engineer) and the love to make music that pleases his heart first combined with the Modular Synthesizer got him to experience a wide range of unlimited possibilities of sounds and was a perfect combination for his new musical journey. Raymond is vegan and consider himself a Universal Human with no titles.

SC: @raymondhaddad
YT: Raymond Hadad