RINHA Crew (Revolution, INnovation & HAbility crew) is a dance group based and operating in Goma since 2010. Together with the dancer Faraja Batumike F-Bat, in 2016 they established the RINHA Dance Projects, a non-profit association whose primary mission is to promote social development, reintegration, and innovation and to support street kids and young people from Goma and the Great Lakes sub-region through professional dance workshops, educational programs, such as the Vijana Up project, and hip-hop culture. A celebration of life, dance is a tool to bring unity, dialogue and peace. 

Over the years the Rinha crew has participated in many local and international events and competitions, individually or as a group, and since 2017 they have been organizing the Goma Dance Festival, the biggest international festival of urban, contemporary and traditional dance in the city.