There have never been rules in Rose Bonica’s production, but there is a statement that runs cohesively through each track which draws the listener deep into the chaotic landscape, chews you up and spits you out. Her music is meant to make you uncomfortable, to shake up the complacency and remind you that there is a world of music that you’re cheating yourself out of by limiting the pool from which you discover. And if dance music history had taught us anything, its that the weird kids end up revolutionizing the game. 

She recently made her Berlin debut at Salon Zur Wilde Renate, playing alongside Eclair Fifi and Oliver Hafenbauer (Robert Johnson) at Savour The Moment. Her music video, “Volatile”, premiered on Boiler Room’s 4:3 and her Upperberry mix was picked by Crack Magazine for their ’10 mixes you need to hear this month’ June 2019 edition. 

IG: @rosebonica