RS (Rinchoa Stress) began in 2014 as a group of close friends, even before they started producing. Things got serious in 2016 when Narciso, then 17, decided to take production professionally and relaunched RS as a proper crew with DJs (himself, Nuno, Nulo and Lima), producers (himself, Nuno and Farucox) and MC (Pimenta). In less than 2 years, RS Produções have made a name for themselves with tight, across-the-board grooves and working melody and metal beats with equal proficiency. Post their debut EP “Bagdad Style” on Príncipe a couple years ago, regular club gigs and an inspiringly active Youtube account have made them one of the most charismatic and sought channels for young groups in the network.

IG: @rsproducoesoficial/