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The CEE, real name Mutinye Cassim, is a dj and producer based in Kampala, Uganda. He started production in 2008 at the age of 13, his music encompasses a variety of genres and styles from pop, electronics, dub and house to traditional African music such as lingala, kadongo kamu, bongo music via hip hop and dancehall. 2019-2018 he self-released the EPs Alienated and Alienated 2.0 feat, legendary Ugandan artist and politician Jose Chameleone on the banger “Nkwagale”, following his EP “Careless” and first single “Where’s you’re” for the Swedish label Yellow Rhine Stone in 2016. Over the years he dropped a series of remixes and singles. He also collaborated with various artists and producers such as, among others, Ledra on the EP “Transformer”. He contributed to the female DJ community as a panelist at various talks on the topic as well as an instructor for music production in the Femme Electronic Workshop by DJ Rachael.

IG: @the_cee_

African Transformer