Over the course of 13 years, Brandon Charlery aka Umpa has been grooming and perfecting his musical talents. Being dubbed the “ King  of Dennery Segment “ Umpa quickly rose to stardom with his outstanding lyrics. Being one of the pioneers of the infectious sounds of Dennery Segment, Umpa has been presented with over 15 awards locally in Saint Lucia after dominating various competitions.  To date Umpa’s “ One drop “ single holds the position of the longest trending Dennery segment song with over 1.3 million views and growing on YouTube.

Regionally and internationally Umpa has been enhancing and perfecting his craftwork with stellar performances. Building his fan base along the way. The “ King of Dennery Segment “ is not looking to stop the forward march of Dennery Segment as it continues to go viral with their soul penetrating beats and raw tongue twisting lyrics.

IG: @umpa_music