For the past three years, DAWA has made a name for itself breathing new life in the Paris’ underground scene with its infectious DJ-sets, unconventional events and performances. In 2019 they dropped fire on the tropical disco stage of Nyege Nyege Festival. For Nyege Nyege they invite you to a home bash, dawa vs covid style.

This set, composed by DJ duo Diyou & Ata, is an invitation to contemplation – a creative and imaginative outlet after many months of confinement and self-introspection. 

Combining tonic loops, vocalizations and percussive sounds, the duo crafts electronic tones with African inspirations.

Introduced by young producer AS.HE, the set also includes short performances by berimbau player Joga and percussionist Gilles Rotimbo – all this in a subdued and intimate atmosphere for music aficionados. 

DAWA unites a group of three self-taught DJs and music enthusiasts merging their respective traditional music roots with contemporary genres. The result: music heavily imbued with Afro-house, electro, deep-house, and Latin-bass rhythms, all while becoming its own unique dance vibe.