DEC 2020



For the Nyege Nyege festival, the Barcelona-based collective 'Jokkoo' will be offering a showcase of all their members plus the special guest and friend Ikram Bouloum. They will be presenting some of the tracks from their upcoming projects and trying to connect with the Nyege fam through their sonic adventures.

Jokkoo was born three years ago in Barcelona from the need of spreading the sounds of the most modern electronic and avant-garde scene on the African continent. As these sounds didn’t seem to reach the local club circuit at all, Baba Sy and Maguette Dieng (Mbodj) decided to create spaces and moments where this kind of music is at the center.

In the last year the Jokkoo family has been growing, welcoming Oscar (Opoku), Nico (Mookie) and Ismael (B4mba), bringing more creative possibilities and new energies to the group. Five very different personalities with the common goal of establishing Afro-electronic music in the local community.

From Singeli to Gqom through Tarraxo and Balani, these rhythms, still very unknown in some parts of the West, are the ones that can be heard in their sessions and DJ sets. Most recently they’ve started exploring the path of production and just released their first tape this fall.