The afro-centered collective known as Moonshine comes together for Nyege Nyege Festival 2020. Known globally for their lunar-based raves celebrating African and Electronic music, the crew is here to bring fire to the digital stage. 

From a rooftop overlooking South West Montreal, Pierre Kwenders, San Farafina and Bonbon Kojak gather on the decks to drop original Moonshine music complimented by the talented vocalist Odile Myrtil and the spirited percussions of Elli Mbonda.

Since its founding in 2014, Moonshine has carved out an enviable niche in Montréal’s nightlife milieu by celebrating a wide range of fledgling local talents, championing Afro-futuristic, bass-heavy, electro-funk sounds, and bringing together communities that wouldn’t necessarily cross paths otherwise. As the name indicates, the lunar-based Moonshine recipe has the collective throw an all-night, sensory-soaked party on the Saturday after every full moon in ever-shifting, unpredictable locations across the city, always strictly disclosed via text messages. With fresh cuts supplied by resident DJs Pierre Kwenders and Bonbon Kojak, visual installations by Boycott, and a slew of live musicians and performers that have included Kaytranada, Dâm-Funk, Le1f, Venus X, DJ Windows 98 (Arcade Fire’s Win Butler), Bambii and Branko, the parties have become a staple of the after-hours scene, in Canada and abroad, with appearances in NYC, LA, Paris, Brussels, Lisboa, Barcelona and Santiago.