Radio Benbakan x Diaki discotheque




DEC 2020


Kodjè Traoré

Benbakan Radio and Dj Diaki present a very special live event from Sanankoroba showcasing an extensive line-up of traditional musicians plus contemporary Balani show extravaganza and promise to make people dance at 100% worldwide.

DJ Diaki started working as an independent radio speaker in 2001 when he created his own radio station, Radio Térya, broadcasting from a self-built transmitter for the community of his own village. Then in 2006 he was the very first to join Radio Benbakan, a local radio station run by a group of radio enthusiasts and transmitting on 103.8 MKHZ from the municipality of Sanankoroba and serving Dialakoraba and Safé Bougoula in Mali. Today DJ Diaki’s unique music program is followed on Facebook by hundreds of thousands of fans all over the globe.