Shrap Nite crew invites some of the most exciting acts from the Kenyan New Scene,  Boutross, Dope-I-Mean, Gwaash, Boondocks Gang, Benzema ( Ochungulo Family ), Xenia Manasseh and more to bring audiences to feel the Kenyan vibe, join our journey from gengetone to trap, rock to r&b and electronic music, Shrap don’t mess around!!!

The AD Family have been pioneering trap music with a Kenyan identity since 2013. The whole idea began with the plan of creating a platform where newcomers on the music scene could showcase their talents and sell their music to a wider public. But as the Nairobi scene seemed not to be ready for this kind of new sound, they decided to put this project on hold and just focus on their own Music. It was later in 2017 that the opportunity to host an event at Gskyye Lounge finally came, resulting in six successful editions of Shrap nite. Musau the Event Organiser has been able to give 159 Artists a platform to showcase their talent.